Place these cards next to your computer and save time with valuable keyboard shortcuts, ‘How-To’ tips, and commonly used techniques.


Interactive Charts Using Microsoft Excel
Add interactive charts based on Pivot Tables to your Excel reports. 

Designing Memorable Presentations with Powerpoint
Create a lasting impression with presentations using advanced PowerPoint techniques. 

Discovering and Presenting Trends in Excel Data with Charts
This Quick Reference Card will get you up and running with displaying trends in your Microsoft Excel charts. 

Developing a Custom Template with Powerpoint
Speed up your presentation creation with powerful PowerPoint templates. 

Outlook Time Management Tool
Take charge of your time using Outlook Calendar and time management features. 

Team Collaboration with Microsoft Word
Master powerful Word tools such as Track Changes & Comments 

Designing PowerPoint Presentations with Animation
Start adding additional flare to your presentations with PowerPoint animations. 

Word Tables Creating Interesting and Organized Documents
Organize and create an appealing layout with Microsoft Word Tables. 

Microsoft Outlook
Learn how to navigate, organize, and customize your email and calendar in Outlook. 

Quick and Easy Ways to Find Messages in Outlook
Master quick and easy techniques to find messages in Outlook. 

Basic Quick Tips Microsoft Excel
Benefit from these quick Excel tips around navigation, tables, pivot tables, VLookup functions and file formats. 

Using Named Cells
Save time and learn valuable tips to import and validate your data to Excel. 

Organizing with Microsoft Outlook and OneNote
Manage Notebooks, Sections, Pages and Notes in OneNote, and integrate your Outlook meetings and messages. 

The Most Valuable Organizational Tools of Outlook 2010
Leverage special folders, flags, categories, reminders and conversation views to get organized in Outlook. 

Automatic Word Creation with Building Blocks in Microsoft Word
Easily add functional sections and features to your Word documents using these easy-to-follow steps. 

Create Dynamic Presentations with Excel Data
Create compelling PowerPoint presentations with your Microsoft Excel data. 

Building Automatic and 1-click Emails in Outlook
Automate and simplify repetitive email tasks. 

Search Excel Data More Efficiently with Lookup Functions
Become an Excel search pro using named ranges, lookups and the match function for searches. 

Automatic Mail Merge with Microsoft Word
Create your Microsoft Word mail merge in a flash with these powerful tips.